How much detail is needed for the entry? 

The whole recipe needs to be included in the entry form 

Is the same menu cooked in the regional heats for the finals? 

The same menu is used at both the Regionals and the Finals 

How many meals are to be prepared for the judges? 

Two of each meal will need to be prepared – one for the judges and one for photography 

Is the whole rhubarb stalk and leaf required to be brought in? 

The whole needs to be brought in – the leaves will not form part of the weigh in at the end as they are poisonous and therefore classified as inedible 

Is cream cheese able to be used? 

Yes – all dairy products can be used 

Do contestants need to bring all their own ingredients? 

Contestants need to provide all their own ingredients 

Is it just the vegetables that get weighed at the end for waste? 

Edible waste is weighed at the end – such as vegetable peelings, broccoli stalks etc 

Is accommodation paid for the finals in Wellington? 

Travel to Wellington will be paid however all finalists are responsible for their own accommodation costs. 

Are contestants allowed sauces?

Some sauces are permitted for example, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce - if these are used as an ingredient to make another dish this is fine.  We wouldn't however want a finished sauce/relish/chutney to simply be served on the side of a dish.

Can they come with pre prepared proportions of food? E.g. Half a cucumber or a quarter block of cheese?

For cheese, flour, butter etc  this is fine however for vegetables we would prefer the whole thing is brought along.  Remember that you don't need to use all of it, if the remainder is something that would be saved and used at another time.

Along with this, does their unused cheese or milk for example get counted as 'waste' even if they were to put it back in the freezer and use it another day?

No - Unused food that can be saved for another day is not considered to be waste

Do wrappers get counted as waste as well?

No - food wrap or wrappers are not considered as waste but remember that everyone should be trying to get as much of the fruit and vegetables locally from home/school/community gardens or local producers/markets so plastic waste would only be expected for things such as dry baking goods and dairy products etc

Do they have to provide their own plates, bowls and cooking utensils?

If a team has a particular plate or bowl for presenting their dish they should bring it but most kitchens will have plates to present on.  Knives need to be brought with you.   As small selection of bowls, wooden spoons/larger utensils should be brought along. Each regional heat location will have slightly different kitchens and equipment.  Keep in mind also that teams that are chosen for the regional heats will be contacted with more information along these lines. 

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